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Time is a flat circle.

It is the year 2267. It is the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise. The ship is in deep space. An urgent transmission is intercepted from Starfleet. Lt. Uhura patches it through the ship’s computer. It is U2’s newest album. Inquiries are made. Apparently, every starship in the fleet has received the same album. Commander Spock abruptly faints on deck. Captain Kirk leaps to his feet and holds Spock in his arms. Doctor McCoy springs from the turbolift and waves a tricorder over Spock. Spock regains consciousness, but he is weak. Leaning close to Kirk’s ear, he whispers, “every Vulcan has telepathically received U2’s new album. Don’t grieve, Captain. It is a beautiful day.”


"what are your long-term goals" ideally, starfleet


I made Starfleet Insignia pride flags!! I did as many as I knew, but if anyone has any requests I would be happy to make them. And they’re transparent, so you can put them on your blog if you so choose. Just be sure to link back to me :) ▷


I decided to make a rebloggable version of my resources page! so here are a bunch of useful Star Trek related links (including other masterposts):


Star Trek series timeline [x]

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legally an adult, mentally a terrified starfleet ensign, emotionally a mix between the self-imposed repression of a vulcan and the operatic fury of a klingon

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