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In which Moriarty gets a call from his younger brother, also named James Moriarty.

Are you there Godtiss? It’s me, Anna.

In the original Sherlock Holmes ACD canon, Moriarty has a brother, also named James Moriarty. It’s never mentioned whether he’s older or younger than Moriarty. So what if they’re twins—identical twins— and BBC Sherlock uses this to keep Andrew Scott as James Moriarty?



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I love this shooooow

What if the BBC (or CBeebies or whatever) actually made this into a show?

I would watch the heck out of that show.

fuck genderswapping, I hereby demand all cast and characters of any future Sherlock remake be replaced with cats and kittens.


John Watkittens

Sherlockitty Holmes

Meowcroft Holmes

James Pawiarty

yes please


“In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king and honey, you should see me in a crown.”

- Jim Moriarty