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Oh my god Godtiss, you can’t just ask people why their helmets don’t have horns.

Are you there Godtiss? It’s me, Anna.

In the original Sherlock Holmes ACD canon, Moriarty has a brother, also named James Moriarty. It’s never mentioned whether he’s older or younger than Moriarty. So what if they’re twins—identical twins— and BBC Sherlock uses this to keep Andrew Scott as James Moriarty?




Sherlock by ~ItsumiK

In which Sherlock sparkles and is an jerk; and John follows him everywhere for no apparent reason other than he is pretty and dangerous. #soundslegittome



Your Existence Pleases Me Brilliant Actor, Writer, Comedian and Psycho Killer, Almost Too Gay to Function, and Basically I Hate His Face, Mark Godtiss

That one in the second frame with him and the chair.

I’m dying from the sassy-ness.

It’s funny, because this was right above a picture of Moriarty on my dash, so I saw it as Andrew Scott reaching the South Pole, and I was really confused for a bit…